Wednesday, April 22, 2009

busy, busy bees.

just an hives yet (thank god, couldn't even imagine that on top of everything else we've decided to do this season) picked up our friend at the train station in Lamy last week and got some good pics:

lost art of travel.

brought all this in from our reserve freezer the other night:
feels good to enjoy our harvest when we are getting close to our next harvest...already lots of improvements in the works..

adding our dried basil to our canned tomatoes..(one change we discussed is making pasta sauce at harvest time, canning it in our non-existent pressure canner so it is easy to make meals in the winter time)

genovese basil 9-8

canned roma tomatoes
onions from the grocery store (shh)
speckled romans:


ok..two days off now. fixing the ranch gate with the neighbor when he gets home around five then going to the brew-pub after..hopefully i can sneak in a little farm work now and not nap...napping too much all week, but i feel relaxed all the time.. updates to come soon. projects on the list include but certainly not limited to: water pump hook up to cistern, re-assemble drip irrigation to water our so far ungreminated root vegtables and leafy greens. Peas and radishes are up! so yeah water is crucial. also need to turn three sisters garden area, go get manure, add it, turn that in, then plant corn next week or sooner....very busy. this post alone took me a week just to publish, i uploaded all these photos last week and transplanted cherry tomatoes since then, still have about a hundred tomato plants to transplant.

was nice to bbq with frinds last week, but between random art shows, the real job and the farm job, i need 72 hours in a day just to do it all. no worries though..keeping it positive here in the rocky mountains of georgous NM.


  1. Anytime you're ready to hire me to help with gardening and canning and working the farmer's market, say the word! Of course, I'll need to find a place in the house to sleep......
    I'll send my resume.

  2. hi there...i have in front of me a native herbal tea, harvested with a spirit of gratitude....where i nm can i buy more? you can call me at 505 795 4781....