Wednesday, April 15, 2009

water holding capacity UP!

here is our new water container. went and picked it up this morning. holds 275 gal.

here it is next to the festivaL just for size comparison

complete water catchment system:

now we'll just need to buy a pump of some kind.

garden plot pre planting:

planted yesterday and today:
wild arugula, spinach, red leaf lettuce, mesculin mix lettuce, red winter kale, super snap peas, carnival carrots and nantes carrots, turnips, beets and probably at least one more thing i am forgetting..

hop trellis
garlic tops

top of the garlic bed:bottom half of the garlic bed:

L to R: turnips (two rows), beets, carrots, potatoes and carrots in the middle of that , garlic on the far rt.


peas, all along the fence for support, some of which we planted a few weeks ago and the rest just yesterday. should have peas in a few weeks!

the reason we rarely have to leave the house to complete a project, our scrap pile:

sunflowers and quinoa plot, not to be planted for at least a month, wind twisted pallets apart, time to re-build.
main plot with new siding on the house:
dog's yard:

three sisters plot, going to work the soil and add alpaca manure sometime this next week. planting of corn/maize slated for early May (around the first)

our "green house"

it was a beautiful day today

great clouds rolling in to hopefully storm tonight
fire pit:


  1. Mulch makes a place look so nice and lush. Looks like it's gonna be a great farming season! Also cool to see all your site visitors from around the world by the way--

  2. You'll have to move the large water tank so that the gate won't be blocked. If a hole is drilled in the barrel side at the top and a piece of PVC is sealed in, the overflow from the barrel will then fill the larger water tank and no pump will be needed. The barrel may have to be raised.