Saturday, April 11, 2009

snow day in April!


This blog is going multi-media. I fed the pig some kitchen scraps this afternoon and brought along the video camera. I am told she will be ready for slaughter ever sooner that originally thought. Good stuff.

Can't wait to get a piece of piggy into my smoker. Also in the video are the hens and rooster (he can be heard in the first second when the pig is chowing down. You can tell they got pretty used to me feeding them in the last few weeks..they all approach me instead of running of like they do with everyone else. we aren't collecting eggs anymore although we still have over three dozen. Should last us through this month, and hopefully into May.

I was able to sneak in some work this afternoon between storms, but not as much as I had planned on last night. I did rebuild the double wide composter that the strong spring winds destroyed. I'm pretty sure it is better and stronger..

Rain catchment system is a constant work in progress...probably forever. The main line barrel is overflowing at an amazing rate just from this little storm's snow melt. We are hoping to get a new tote that would hold 275 gallons of overflow from this barrel. The other barrel has been almost emptied and is slated for a new gasket that blew on a freezing night. I think they just can't be over full if they freeze, or not a hard freeze. We'll see. In the fall i will drain them. BUt it shouldn't freeze hard enough to wreck this one. Also it is in the sun all day, so that helps out.

on last tuesday we transplanted all but five of our speckled roman tomatoes (closely related to the very popular roma tomato) single harvest paste tomato. Should be fun. Now we have close to four dozen of them in larger pots taking up a lot of space. We will need to bring in the long table for the last few weeks in two or three weeks when we transplant the other two trays of tomatoes and possibly the two trays of peppers also. We'll see, I'd like to hold off on that as long as we can. Everything looks reallt healthy in the peat pellets, so we are ok for today.

speckled romans in the front with chile peppers, onions and more tomatoes and herbs behind them:

speckled roman tomato seedlings:

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  1. Sounds like BLT's could happen soon!
    Looking good inspite of the late snow....