Wednesday, April 8, 2009

spring projects: berry patch and hop trellis

for the past week I've been taking care of the landlord's pig and nine chickens.. good times but i wouldn't really want to do that every single day, although the eggs are nice to have..the pig is pretty high maintenance..she was constantly tipping her water pail into the muddy mess. a few hens for laying would be no problem though.

look at that dinosaur egg!

made a great breakfast..

it's twins!
livin' the good life:

smokin' my soon to be world famous buffalo wings..(chicken from the farmer's market)

lookin like spring has sprung around here

main garden at the spotty dog farm. (still need to finish the sunflower/quinoa garden, but we won't plant those until after may 15)

snap peas:

soft neck garlic tops (got them from a farmer in the espanola valley...been growing these great big heads for year after year, and they just get bigger with each harvest

some radishes are also coming up:

berry patch we just built..two strawberry plants in the front:

and five or so golden raspberry plants in the back

hopefully they can get well established this season.
sage has wintered over very nicely:

shelving pieces that have become very handy:

starting to get things going on the hop trellis

re-enforcing the wood

corner bracket
getting it square

not square here.
digging it down a little:
putting rings up for twine:
planting spot:

breaking up some pretty hard soil:


we planted three Chinook hop clones in each spot.. fertilized, mulched and then fenced them off from getting trampled, and it would also keep the straw mulch in place.

fixing the fence on the trellis :

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  1. Can't wait to sit under the trellis and have a brew while watching the plants grow!