Saturday, March 28, 2009

harvesting snow melt

cilantro and flat leaf parsley

herbs to sell soon..
speckled Roman tomatoes...lookin' good
herbs..smallest ones are greek mini basil and english Thyme. cilantro and parsley as well
roman tomatoes, walla-walla onions, cherry tomatoes in the distance

more shots of the herbs in peat be sold

green chiles
harvesting snow melt:
both are full now:
snow is melting a day later

the greenhouse:

strawberry plants to be planted soon now that the snow has melted (not to say that there won't be another snow.

golden raspberries



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  1. i love your metal screen door grill. i could really use something like that to protect my screens from my dogs, i'm wondering where you got it from?
    your seedling look fantastic. good luck with everything, farmers markets are so so fun to be a part of.