Wednesday, May 6, 2009

all gardens built, maize planted, irrigation evolving

went to the alpaca ranch two times in the last two days to amend the three sister's garden area.


trailer is twice my age

stump removal in 3 sisters garden

pulled up
great planting spot now, (also got up another huge stump today in the sunflower/Quinoa garden)
off it goes

stumps and huge rocks removed from this garden:

corn to be planted:
maize/ corn planted in circles all around.

Strawberry popcorn

blue corn:
ceremonial Hopi blue corn:

(thank you Michael)
purple and red maize that was quite tasty and chewable dried
multi colored small popcorn

Japanese hull-less popcorn from a friend up in Colorado

garlic plot:

red leaf baby baby greens

red winter kale:

super snap peas from 2Bseed in Colorado. (i work with the owner's sister.)

super snap
native, wild mullein; growing in a crack in our main garden. establishing a good root system this year, then next year it'll shoot up a really tall, useful flower.
sage, well established from last year (never even stopped growing with this mulch and the mild winter we just had)

strawberries getting established:

golden raspberries getting well established:

soaker hoses thru the lettuce fields:
red winter kale and bloomfield spinach:
L to Rt: Purple top turnips (two rows) early wonder beets, carrots and more carrots


  1. Could those odd little plants be left-over radishes from last year?
    mmmmmmmmm.....lots of different corn!
    You've been very very busy this week. It will pay off soon enough! Guess I'll have to come out some weekend to help at the market this summer. XXX OOO MOM

  2. wow awesome set of pics, love that mulched look...appears you've done the hard work of getting ready for a successful season, congrats!