Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tomatoes planted, onions and basil.

greenhouse emptied out.. down to just the wide short table. then we can use the taller eight foot one for vending at market next week.

planning on cutting irises to sell at market also. we have nice white and purple ones. sage and mint are also possible first harvests. radishes are in a slow but close second.

table with reflectors
tomato plot

hardening off

tella knows to stay out!
NuMex chile pepper seedlings(getting planted tomorrow):

also to be planted tomorrow:


chinook brewing hops from last year: already half way up the rope

new for this year, three sister's garden.

pulled some pretty huge stumps out of this garden
also rocks:

sangre de cristos
all drip lines in place in new garden.. mulched and some already germinated

three great tomatoes:


these cherry tomato "sugar sweeties" are by far our best tomato transplants and we'll have a bunch of these and all three tomatoes at next weeks market.

walla walla onion seedlings



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  1. Tomatoes look great! You should get a "spotty" cloth for your selling table for next week!
    Hope my crop of two plants do as well as your hundreds.