Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a full day.

this was all today (the "day off") after we went to the DMV twice, got a new SS card and finally new drivers lincences .. also Becke got a new cell phone for the first time in like five years.

living-room/ green-house is emptying out as we plant more and more seedlings..

tomatoes to be sold at market and given to friends and neighbors
now the hops have a jungle gym to crawl around
pulled up a giant cholla cactus out of the middle of this (our drought tollerant Quinoa/sunflowers) garden..all that to be planted anasazi beans, scarlet runners and blue-lake green-bean all up the stalks of the soon to be taller plants.

replanted it outside the garden here:
had to hold it upright with two sticks and we got it in OK. now it might just need some steady moisture/mulch to get re-established

hopefully we'll harvest the ripe red fruits in the late fall to brew a special batch for cold winter nights.

rebuilt the bird-feeder stand thingamajig the other day; planted Butterfly bush seed all around it...hopefully that establishes this season and continues to bloom and attract for years to come..
our paradise:"
this soil in the main garden is so rich and amazing with it's water-holding abilities and great benefecial bug population

NuMex chiles:
new plantings

triangle patch for chard between two pathways in the main garden down at The Spotty Dog..
tomato transplants doing very well:
earlichamp muskmelons between tomato plot and beets/turnips area:
trellis system for the Chinook hops:

garlic bed; soaker hoses set-up underneath a few inches of straw-mulch:

soft-kneck garlic tops:
definately the highlight of our past two days farming; POTATOES!
YAY! potatoes!!!!!!!!!

red ones, little yukon something else yellow ones, some bigger yellow ones and possibly purple?
with this nice weather and all this farm work, the fire-pit area is calling me more and more...

horseshoes, picnic table, stump/log seats and a lone tiki:
baby greens
red winter kale and bloomsdale spinach

herbs staying happy outside at night:
chives, slated for the perennial herb garden. Where? we don't know yet but we want to fashion it similar to the berry patch. that utility fencing is pretty good stuff at 50c per foot. plus made in U.S.A.!!

vote with your dollars and buy LOCAL/domestic >>>>>>>>:::::::;;;;;;::: >>>
food clothes services building materials farm equip.
plastics make it possible..
water catchment system (pre-overflow set-up) :
iris flower in dog;s yard..

irises also to be cut for market..
grey water
dill bed...recently watered with 15 gallons from our wash cycle this afternoon.
Strummer the dog (PUNK-rock WARLOrd)
irises for market in a few weeks:
great little table:
set for the fall:
to be cut for sale at market tues.
i thought this was a typical garden entrance:

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  1. So much accomplished in just one day! Take lots of pictures at the market Tues. Flowers look beautiful!