Wednesday, May 20, 2009

our first farmer's market!

irises we cut for market:

market booth:
we sold all the chiles we brought and a few tomatoes and mint. traded sage and parsley for asparagus (delicious raw, thanks Ronnie from santa cruz farm!) and arugula flowers (edible) and easter egg radishes (which our's aren't quite ready yet)
becke making our table look pretty
chinook hops are going nuts
all the way to the sky!
also got at least two dozen or so root rhiziomes from the Santa Fe homebrew supply store. Fuggle hops. an english variety that should do well in our soil and our brew.

we went to cuyamunge this morning to dig these out:
not too easy to get out, but the soil was loose and not at all rocky. we had them up and loaded in one hour. maybe they will go in at our house tomorrow, if there is energy left over after work.

also scored this sweet old smoker:

three sisters garden ready to be mulched over ASAP
maize needing to be thinned (also maybe tomorrow)

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  1. Can't wait for smoked ribs! That's the best find yet! good luck Saturday at Market Day #2