Sunday, June 14, 2009

life at the Spotty Dog Farm

our awesome geranium with three flowers going at once!

(no flash)
saw this little guy basking on the driveway a few days ago...went to get the camera, and he was already running away. first snake i've seen on the property since we moved here. glad it wasn't a huge rattler. can anyone identify it? if you click on the pictures they will enlarge
cactus blooms:

this one is probably around a hundred years old:

wildflowers...i hope the seed we planted (and never water) will add some more variety to the property and hopefully give us some great cut flowers to sell at market
mullen..second year growth. it will throw up a huge flower this summer.
sage flowers
it rained yeaterday. so hard and sideways that it came in under our front door. crazy huh?
hail hail hail

most plants seem to have suffered no damage but soon we need to support our leaning tomato plants. maybe today? probably nap

hail in my rain barrels
scene after the big storm yesterday:
main garden:

this was really the first big storm of the season.. nice taste of things to come

tella is a lucky girl. last sunday she cut her armpit on a nail head sticking out of the soon to be rebuilt stairs and got a ton of stitches and hopefully a life lesson. you can see where they shaved her right arm for the IV and how she is keeping weight off her left front. we had to take her to the emergency animal clinic in town because in was $unday. oh well, she is feeling a lot better now that she has gotten the drainage tube out but i am still trying to get her to chill out and heal up.


  1. nice cactus photos...don't know about snakes but looked up some ID sites and it's fun to speculate...closest match was a western fox snake but it's not that 'cuz they only live as far west as Iowa...glad your dog's healing...and I hope you do more bandido mouse art

  2. Beautiful cactus pictures. Glad my grandpuppy is doing better!