Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blessed with rains

rainbows are awesome!!
arugula is flowering, maybe self seeding?
arugula flower:

pea flower:
red leaf, very drought tolerant and apparently pretty resistant to hail damage:

red-leaf lettuce looking absolutely amazing:
these pickling cucumbers are gonna be tough as nails by the time they pull through:

super snap peas:
Bloomfield spinach rows:

purple and white turnips:
potato flowers:
should be able to harvest at least some fingerling potatoes sometime soon and then these plants will just keep going.

kale, as you can see these got a little thrashed by the hail, but as far as greens for cooking, it doesn't get much better than this.
spinach got some hail too:
tomato flower:

walla-walla onion:


volunteer tomatillos self-seeded from last season(a pretty pleasant surprise):

Super Snap-Peas:
job security:
colorado russian mammoth sunflowers:

strawberry bush getting cozy this year, got to eat one yesterday, just wait 'till next season
not quite ready:
chinook clone from last year, just getting established out front this season.
fuggles from Jami's homebrew shop:
3 sisters:

put up this sea-grass thing to look nicer
finally out of the living room!:
purple corn got a little thrashed from the hail the other day, but this happened to last year's sweet corn and it was fine

summer squash
already knee high:
something dug a small burrow in the corn plot:
amber-cup winter squash:
gourd plant, one also grew there last season, but with all the rain we've gotten so far this season, we will probably harvest a bunch of these little baseball sized decorative gourds..
native gourds:
oregano also making a comeback
flatleaf parsley coming back after we cut it back a month ago:
chinook hops flowering like crazy, should be a huge harvest just off this one plant
NuMex green chiles and tomato transplants, still just a few trays inside
silvery fir tree:
sugar sweetie cherry tomato:
speckled roman sauce tomato, still selling these at the farmer's market
triple flower geranium:
silvery fir tree tomato:
happy aloe:
houndstooth aloe:
beet test harvest, we'll have some that are slightly for Saturday's market

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  1. Everything looks so good after a rain, what great rainbows! I especially like your security system. Looks like you'll be spending lots of time harvesting peas and beets soon.