Sunday, June 21, 2009

some nice sunsets.

sunset the other night:

sunset last night:

market cooler:
preemie soft neck garlic
used the cooler to plunge the spinach in before spinning it dry:
looked nice, we sold it all. and the beets (all five) and lettuce mix, only came home with two turnips..not too bad considering it rained all morning.
peas were for personal use only. maybe next saturday we'll have a bigger harvest, but i doubt it, a lot of the peas are just starting to flower and are really growing up tall along the fence.
more by next week for sure, hopefully sooner though.

we have some more random seeds to plant, and talk of a perennial herb garden behind the new clothesline which hasn't even been put up yet. Oh well...soon enough...until next blogging..
alex and becke from down on the Spotty Dog Farm

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