Saturday, July 11, 2009

update on the last few weeks:

winter squash growing past blue corn and scarlet runner beans:

sunflower, also much bigger now:
purple top turnips:

garlic for market:beet and turnip greens:
root vegetables:
tomatoes are a lot bigger now, but we had to pull up the far left row today because they had some virus that spreads but has no cure. it was unfortunate but it had to be done. also these all have tee-pees now. i guess when everything is in full swing it is hard to photograph and blog everything.

sunset:squash blossom:
cushaw squash leaves:
fir tree tomato:
oak leaf lettuce:

green chiles getting bigger finally:
snap peas are holding in there with this intense summer heat:
welcomed garden guests:
echinacea flower:
Tella enjoying the new living room setup:

got to go pick cherries at a friend's a few weeks back, and they were delicious.
this was all that we harvested, but i ate one for each one i picked. they were perfectly ripe. mmmm
spinach going to seed, hoping to have them self seeded by fall.
elephant garlic and a nice cloudcliff baguette:
dogs were happy that day:

4th of july festivities, smoked ribs, smoked a chipotle and a green chile sausage rope, grilled pork chops (from the landlord's pig, as were the ribs.) two types of shrimp and smoked salmon. and i'm sure i'm forgetting something. good times Bar-B-Queearlier garlic harvest:

new potatoes!:
today's harvest:

garlic harvest, braided after about three days of drying
cocozelle summer-squash (first harvest!!):
soft-neck garlic harvest:

curing for a few days

hopefully more to come soon...

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  1. Everything looks great! My 2 tomato plants have at least a dozen on each...can't wait till home grown yummy tomatoes! Looks like summer harvesting will be in full swing very soon.