Saturday, August 29, 2009

growing our own food from harvested rainwater

tomato harvest from just the other day, also got summer squash (cocozelle) and nasty tasting chicken feed cucumbers, and one pie pumpkin and one amber cup squash.

one of the many earth friendly ways to irrigate/ water garden and house plants:
wine barrel chunks on the weber ready to smoke some buffalo wings:


always a hit with everyone, even the occasional vegetarian can't resist these spicy, smokey beautiful little guys.

we had to take turns picking hops that day, your arms get so scratchy and it was windy up on that ladder plus a ninety plus degree day..

tomatoes growing in containers:cushaw squash growing through the fence:
canines relaxing rooftop:

corn flower with the sangre de cristos in the distance:cushaw:
pie pumpkin, this vine died so we harvested this lil' guy:
aphids a week ago before they became winged, horrible to even think about, but i will remain diligent about my dishsoap spray and hope the ladybugs have the appetite.
our heroes:
future tortillas:
ambercup winter squash (tastes like sweet potatoes):
awesome maize flower:
purple pole bean flowers:
huge kale:
melon that some creature ate half of, so the doggies got the rest and were very happy.
chile, a new mexican staple:
our bitter cucumbers..still no lemon cukes. these plants are not well suited to the high desert..especially when we water every third day of no rain, with small amounts of drip irrigation in the late evening as the sun goes down to preserve any of it from evaporating in the intense daytime sun..
looks so nice but tastes so awful:
mexican oregano

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  1. YUM! Can't wait to get out there again to have your wings! Corn looks good, too. Lousy corn here this summe....too cold!