Wednesday, September 2, 2009

building stuff..

nice first harvest of corn:

landlord's granny smiths are delicious:

apple pancake from scratch:
a taste of home, just like Walker Bros.:

new fencing on the porch:
another view:
pooper scooper:
Tella likes the new thing:
makes the house look nicer:
shed construction:

reclaimed building materials:
life down on the farm:
good view from behind the shed:
roof goin' up:
finished the roof:
cutting a side panel:
fits perfectly:


  1. Yummy pancake! Looks better than Walker Bro.
    Are you making the doorway to the shed high enough for Alex's hair to fit through? Any windows in there? Such talents you've acquired!
    I'll bet there will be some good murals on the outside walls, too--could blend right into the mountains.

  2. That apple pancake looks so good...I think I'm going to have to make one for dessert.