Friday, October 2, 2009

pest management

future greenhouse/ coldframe:
got these two double-pane french doors on freecycle and have two more coming my way. that is already a twelve foot long panel/wall eight feet high. should grow some tasty winter tomatoes. or whatever we decide to do with it.

while cutting firewood yesterday i realized the dogs were nowhere to be seen. kinda strange, but they appeared eventually. then later i let them out the front door and tella was nowhere to be found. until i looked at the compost bin. she was in it! she was able to jump into it, and eat whatever rotten, moldy scraps were in there. i shouldn;t be too surprised because she is able to jump in the back of my truck with the tailgate up, but still.

so here is a shot of strummer checking out the dog-proof compost bin:

not super sturdy, but hey, free.

no more compost eating for you young lady!

still on the to do list:
-fix drywall in living room
-clean chimney
-fix truck
-so instead of doing those things today, i'll cut firewood
tall tomatillos:

took down the lines for the hop vines:
old vines laying in the garden, unlike grape vines, hops die back each year.

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