Tuesday, October 13, 2009

getting stuff done, ready for winter

truck emptied, next i am gonna put up plywood inside the walls, hang tools of it/ protect the metal a little.
just a few logs still needing to be bucked:

old wood:

the way the maize field looks today:
all gone tomorrow thanks to freecycle:

pots and scrap wood:

greenhouse is next in the works, thinkin' i'll slap it up on this side of the woodshed:
load o' wood:
cleaning up this huge pile of branches/ dead brush:

freebies make happy dogs/ owners:


purple aster/ tamerisk, (if i get bees, this and chamisa is mostly what they'll be pollinating, making some wonderfully dark honey.)
one last look:
amateur forestry:
fun times:
strummer is making sure all the wood is good!:
path out back from seasons of firewood cutting/ dogs:
where we get "fuel" to heat our small, passive-solar home:

winter squashes /pumpkins:
stuff we grew (dried mint in bags, maize in orange bag, that's all for making masa. or cornmeal. next year i hope to have bags and bags like this full. also some wild gourds, used traditionally for shakers and ornaments and such, they take almost a year to dry fully. i also have more gourd seeds for next year thanks to Richard from the farmer's market.
dill; for both spice and seed:
drying various chile peppers for next year's seed:

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  1. Looking forward to helping you fill the greenhouse in January