Tuesday, November 3, 2009

we are still alive

just to update after almost a month, we had a few out of town visitors and have been very busy around here. almost ready for next season, wood shed is half full. and everyday that it's nice enough i continue to get loads of wood up to the house. this might be the year i get all the dead trees cleared up.

had some freezing temps in the teens and today it was over 70. gotta love new mexico. a trip to the alpaca ranch is being organized for a day off to get a couple trailer loads of that precious manure, and next years harvest should be better. many plans for that as well. garlic is getting planted tomorrow after we get home from work. wood might happen too. definitely by saturday. compost bin got emptied, have more to do there. want to start a worm type compost bin. need some screen and a better bin. might cost ten dollars in hardware. woodlot is large and in charge. i cleared all this brush and now it extends from the house/driveway all the way to the woodshed. more updates to come soon, lots going on this time of year, but i like it. so anyways here are some of the better photos from the last few weeks:

full moon:compound:
cleaning up:
tella with her new frisbee, supposedly indestructible and made in Montana USA:
strummer bear:

changing the tire on the truck:Bandalier nat'l monument:
river is down there, where the indigenous people grew their crops:
long house:
blue skies:

beautiful rio grande valley:
northern new mexico is ridiculously gorgeous.
cutting wood:
homemade blueberry waffles:
drip irrigation:
cleaned up cornfield
corn stalks in fence:
beautiful life:
new and improved woodlot:
five double-pane french doors, soon to be cold-frame/ greenhouse:
drought garden:
compost being loaded:

strawberry plants are hanging in there hopefully to produce pounds next year:
nothing really goes better with snow that homemade pizza:

got some snow a week back with thirteen degree temp to boot
got the stove cleaned and rocking, firewood is going to be even more precious with this kinda winter.
disassembled compost bin and put contents in the former sunflower/ drought tolerant garden

we partied hard on halloween and then again the next morning...that o'dell's 5 barrel pale ale is delishous.

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