Saturday, November 14, 2009

manure is good for plants

alpacas are funny, curious creaturesyoung ones:

friendliest guard dog ever:

hay for winter:

there is a female with the other females and a male with the males. these are real working dogs and are on the clock 24-7. it's pretty amazing to watch 'em in action. they are on point. as a person with "working" breed of dogs and not really using them for any real purpose (other than home protection and companionship) it is nice to see some k9's in the field.

they make a lot of poop. very good for water retention and plant nutrition.
doing something:
all these cats are up for adoption. we are told they range from near feral to domesticated kitty cat. they were all really mellow for some reason. musta been the time of day.

these darker guys would do really well outside where we are, because they are less visible to coyotes and other predators.

you have been warned:

short video of the herd in action:

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