Saturday, May 22, 2010

chiles planted.

jalapenos and jemez pueblo green chiles..

back row eight pots jemez chile..front row eight pots jalapenos..five to eight seed plantings around the pots depending on or two seeds per planting hole..
sunken unglazed clay pots filled with water to soak the soil with chiles planted around. lid to prevent evaporation and debris from flying in..cost: $0

UPDATE:a few hours after filling the clay pot water reservoirs only one hadn't held it's water..the other fifteen were good! now we just have to see how long they'll hold water and how well they soak the soil for the chiles..

blocked the drainage hole with some liquid nails and rocks/pottery shards/wood:

modified watering can, great for all our gardens around and now with expanded flower beds this is a help..we are so far straying from our traditional (drip, soaker) irrigation..experimenting with some cool stuff this season:

crazy tella:

tomorrow after work we're planting sunflowers (white striped) in that chile garden. okra and tomatoes need to be planted soon also. house is getting painted here in a few.. more to come.


  1. What a great idea with the clay pots!You all have been busy!

  2. you've been working hard....miss you!maybe we'll visit during end of growing season this year instead of mid-winter snow storms! XXXOOO Mom