Tuesday, May 18, 2010

still windy and dry yet we're sowing seeds..

purple carrots from the first planting:

planted some more carrots:

planted some more flower beds in front of the newly painted fence:

flowers germinating up against the house:

strawberry flowers:

new raspberry shoots:

the hops got zapped by a good frost a few weeks back..making a resilient comeback though (fuggle):


baby green lettuce:

red-leaf lettuce:

flowering kale from last season:


peas along the fence, just starting to climb up:

it has been dry here lately..the only reason we probably have any corn growing is from irrigating every other day with our municipal water..too bad..the rain catchment is all set up and the pump is almost good to go.:

section of the three sisters garden..you can see the Hopi blue corn coming up!:

tobacco plot (ceremonial Santo Domingo):

three sisters from the roof:

tools acquired throughout the years:

we have so much scrap wood..once the chicken's housing is built the wood scraps need to be contained somehow to avoid snakes and rodents:

acrylic housepaints getting used/ tossed:

three sisters garden:

new log splitter, will make the next wood-burning season a breeze (thanks ern):

new (second) chainsaw:

stuff we are going to put firewood up on:

extended patio area:

sun setting on the hills the other night:


  1. man, awesome photos! love the fence, those berries are going to be so good, love seeing the tobacco plot, tool shed's way too organized, peas look great, and the extended patio: muy fabuloso!

  2. I covet your metal rack for the firewood. We're in a new place, almost rural, north of Tucson. Our acre has a lot of downed dead mesquite on it. No point in gathering it until I've got a place to stack it...and a wood stove, I suppose.