Wednesday, May 5, 2010

spring is windy in the mountains

two shots of the main garden;
garlic in the far background with cucumber trellis in foreground:

carrot screen and lettuce, kale and beets coming up around that..

sneak peek at the new patio setup:

hopi blue corn all planted & watered:

coldframe in it's new spot inside the 3 sisters garden, along with some large rocks, part of that garden is going to be beckwheat and then one row of two types of tabacco and the rest (four or five sections) Hopi blue corn and beans and some winter squash..


new flower bed where we used to pile firewood for winter.. some rocks and manure and seeds.. three rows..back to front:
>mexican hat flowers
>snap dragons
>calendula & marigold

hopefulll they germinate in a timely fashion...they are in a warm spot up against the footings of the house..time will tell

juniper tree and viola to the left:

raspberries coming back for the second season:

strawberries freshly weeded and mulched:


  1. Good to see the blog up and running again. It is great to follow what you are doing. Looking forward to seeing the flowers in bloom.

  2. Those berries are going to be so good. Hey, I like the patio set up--you think three grills are enough? And then just toss the BBQ'd corn husks into the compost bin! Good to see it all--

  3. Looking good! It's fun to watch it all take shape through your pictures.