Monday, September 27, 2010

Hopi Blue Corn Harvest

 Hopi Blue Corn:

Partial harvest plus one squash that had broken off the vine:

Partial harvest of our blue corn. Some of it is not blue. Uh-oh. Cross pollination is a bitch.

Many many pests ate/ eating our corn. But still some great seed and food for us down at the Spotty Dog. Cornbread experiment to come as soon as we harvest the rest and get it all dried. Looks like we have enough for at least a few loaves of some blue corn bread. Plus seed for next season. 


  1. That is so pretty! And I love blue corn meal. I was lucky enough to get some piki years ago when I visited the Hopi mesas in N. Az. Good stuff.

  2. I'll bet it's good. The Hopi know what they are doing when it comes to this blue corn stuff.

  3. Given the age of this post, I'm not sure I'll get any replies. I've been buying Arrowhead Mills Organic Blue Cornmeal for a few years. The bag says it is manufactured by The Hain Celestial Group out of Lake Success, NY. I've been searching but can't find any information on whether this is the real deal or yellow cornmeal with dye in it. Any thoughts?

    1. I haven't heard of anybody dying yellow corn meal to look like blue corn (but the food industry is full of scams) i would assume it is grown by hopi or navajo farmers as my understanding is they still grow a lot of the blue corn used in chips and tortillas but why not write the gain celestial / arrowhead people a letter? if they were supporting sustainable agriculture they would not have anything to hide and should brag about the quality. Another option if you were really concerned is to buy whole kernels of blue corn and mill it yourself or find a reputable mill that will do it for you… hope that helps

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