Sunday, October 17, 2010

Uh-Oh, Frost Comes To Town

 A light frost zapped most of the leaves on the squash plants, cucumbers, peppers. Whatever else was a bit sensitive. Not much production going on anyways. We have had some cool nights for a few months now so most of these plants get stunted from that. Plus the intense heat of the day and the dryness don't help much.

We harvested about ten pounds of zucchini, the one on the left has seeds for next year's crop:

 Harvested the rest of the Hubbard Squash along with some sunflowers (Hopi Black Dye) for seed next year and some for roasting/ eating, but the rest we left out there for the birds. Also the Hopi Blue Corn in the photo is the primo stuff for seed. We got more, just not pictured.
 Feels like fall now, i think this foto captures that essence:

more soon...


  1. MMMMMMM--creamy squash soup.......great for those frosty nights and easy to bag and freeze!
    Wish I were there to help cook!

  2. These days it seems like we need all the help we can get! Although the winter squash will last well into next year, it's the zucchini we need to get to work on. Probably shred, blanch and freeze. Then we can put it muffins, pancakes whatever. Whenever.

  3. Beautiful harvest. Squash is delicious and can be enjoyed in so many different ways.