Friday, October 22, 2010

Strawbale Coldframe and Post-Frost Plant Fotos

 Kale seedlings from our seed growing under glass! We are going to try to grow food all winter!

 Another view:
 They are happy little kale plants. First harvest is only a few weeks away.
 Halfway open coldframe:
 Coldframe #2:

We are building probably three more as we have more windows. The five coldframes will contain kale, spinach, carrots, turnips, beets and cabbage. Seeds are getting sown this weekend. Rainy weather is with us. And we are preparing our rain catchment system for winter which means draining them so trees and other winter plants are getting that water. 

Here is our awesome temperature/ humidity monitor:

 It has been as cold as 30 on the patio where the outdoor part of the device is. We thought it was crazy how our plants are just dealing with it. Even the sensitive ones like squash and cucumbers.

 This is our record of what plants do at 30 degrees:

lemon cucumbers still producing:
 Zucchini squash is hangin' in there:
 also still producing!:
 Some of the leaves have died off but overall these bushes are thriving:
 Almost makes me want to build something with these windows around them.
 Gratuitous firewood shot:
 Winter squash still growing as well:

 The Hubbard squash we grew did really well. Thankfully we haven't had any major squash bug infestations. I have heard from other people that their Hubbards got hit but not some other varieties such as Delicata and maybe Butternut. but for us so far so good.

 Volunteer tomatillos:


  1. Very cool idea! No pun intended...


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