Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mini Hoop House for a Mini Farm

 Mini hoop house (16' x 3')

 Built with old barrel rings cut and attached to old deck planks:
 Tella is there for scale and field mouse hunting
 We are hoping this will produce lots and lots of tasty food for years to come.
 We just need to purchase some row cover that will let int he light and moisture but keep it maybe ten degrees warmer. More to come soon. We are wanting to plant spinach in it, but we also have 200 beet seeds soaking tonight to be sown tomorrow. Carrots, kale, cabbage and lettuce are also slated to be put outdoors this week. Peas are in the ground and getting watered as needed.


  1. Looks great, but are you sure this isn't some kind of fun new dog house? ;-)

  2. Ha ha. yea. a doggie tube. Nah, but after I built it we thought with some chicken wire and a nesting box it would make a damn fine poultry tractor. It is light and sturdy, and I built it for whatever the hardware ten bucks. So there might be another one of these being built soon for hens.

  3. Hacksaw or sawzall... I can't remember at this point as this was over a year ago and we have done so much building since then.. Thanks for stopping by Shaggy Sheep Home.

  4. I love the idea and I have some hoops in my garage. I went online to see what crafts I can do with them. I realize, there are so may awesome things that can be built out of barrel hoops that I want more of them.