Thursday, March 3, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

 See the turken in the above photo?

We are already on the second fifty pound bag of feed.

 The little guy in the end of the video is the only survivor from the replacements. He is a free meat bird and not a laying hen. But a survivor nonetheless and we all think he is pretty awesome.

 We had to cut our losses and get a rebate from McMurray for the ten chicks we lost. The post office lost the first replacement package and the next week they arrived dead or dying. We are already planning on switching to a hatchery in Portales, NM. The stress of days of travel after hatching is too much for some of them.

Edible perennial garden getting worked and irrigation laid down:
 Mint up by the house:

Planting peas tomorrow. Snap peas. They are soaking in water overnight. Finishing building the mini-hoophouse tomorrow hopefully too. If that happens we will also be planting spinach.  Lettuce is being replanted in the wooden coldframe.

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  1. My grandchix look really good....expecially the hairless neck one! Some mighty fine eggs coming your way in a few months.
    Grandma Hen