Monday, April 2, 2012

Growing Food @7200 ft Year-Round

 We have so much growing outside. We have been harvesting chard, kale, radishes, lettuce, parsley, chives, garlic tops, thyme and whatever else looks ready. The season extension is working out well. We are purchasing a water pump and setting up drip irrigation and some soaker lines soon. The gravity feed off the big cistern has been ok even with a 100 ft hose. So we have been able to irrigate most of our crops off our water catchment. With an electric pump (that actually works) we can pressurize that water instead of flood irrigation, making the whole system much less work by setting up drip with just a valve changing which bed gets irrigated and for how long. More on that soon, in another post. Enjoy the photos of our food crops. More photos of greens and garlic coming soon. They are all growing so well and some of these photos are already two or three weeks old and we've had some warm weather.


Tons growing under this row cover...we just ate a big salad from here last night



One of three garlic beds that is getting irrigated with water from the cistern

Currant we planted last fall

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  1. Everything looks great! Oh, I am so ready for this growing season :-)