Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring in the Mountains

Garlic bed closest to cistern, with plum and currant and chokecherry trees

Another shot of that same garlic


Happy hens come running

improved nesting boxes

Hops and Sage

Propagated about 100 rhizomes from just one Chinook hop plant.  

This garlic is the furthest ahead out of all we planted.

Kale going to seed soon, radishes ready for a full harvest and chard is just chugging along as usual. We have some small oak leaf lettuce plants in there as well as Italian flat leaf parsley and some pink chard from a cross of the white and the red chard, seed fell and now we have pink chard.

More beautiful garlic.

More red russian kale, one of our staple crops here at the Spotty Dog Farm.
As I am uploading these photos it is snowing outside. Just starting to stick a little. I am on my way outside to mulch some more stuff and plug in some water heaters for the critters. More soon..keep on farming food america!


  1. It is all looking good! I have those exact same nest boxes,lol!

  2. That garlic looks beautiful!