Friday, June 22, 2012

Garlic and Carrot Harvest

These carrots are as tasty as they are beautiful! 
We will have some this evening at the Eldorado Farmers Market

The garlic is small but packs a big bite in its spiciness.

We have about 5 pounds of braided garlic for sale this week as well. 

The yellow carrots are the sweetest.. purple ones have a lot of flavor.

Market stuff back home at the farmhouse. 
Gratuitous carrot shot


  1. Your carrots look fantastic! When did you plant them?

  2. We started carrots in Feb and March,, also planted a bunch of seed just a few days ago and the whole time in between. If this is gonna pay the bills we have to plant more and more and more.. very exciting time.

    1. Very exciting time! Congrats on jumping right in! I am officially and completely jealous :-)