Monday, September 17, 2012

Life on the Farm

One of our longest beds at forty five feet.

A planting of mustards with calendula at the ends for pest control
A decent harvest of yellow and red potatoes 

We planted mizuna and bunching onions in the bed where the potatoes were. 

Small 425 gallon water tank with our A-frame greenhouse under shade cloth. 
Solar Panel used to charge a battery to power the farms irrigation pump. 

Popcorn with grapes and marigolds.

Arm yourself for the revolution!

Making hot sauce with some freshly harvested red cayenne peppers.

Hotsauce ready to sit for a few weeks.

Lettuce, radish, chard, brussel sprouts and calendula.

Wheelbarrow full of sunflowers and ground cherries we are going to burn. By burning we can kill seeds we don't want to spread and also bad nematodes and pasts eggs. Then we can add the ash back to the soil for a good source of potash. 

We harvested at least three bushels of apples last night at a friend's house.

Time to make some applesauce, pies and dried slices. 

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