Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Planting a Terraced Hillside With Edibles

We dug up and leveled three terraced beds on this hill. On the edge of each is a planting of wax currants. They are all on drippers.  
Today we planted garlic in the middle bed.

Sunchokes got planted in the lower bed. It is the furthest away but the farmers  I bought them from said they never watered them so they are hearty.

Two rows of sunchokes with currants in the front.

This garlic is called Chamisal

Seed is from an abandoned homestead from a site uphill from the acequia. So basically this beautiful garlic is semi-wild.. 
We have about ten pounds of seed garlic altogether. Five pounds of this Chamisal and another five of  our tiny drought tolerant garlic from spring.

Just gotta cover with dirt and mulch with some straw and we should be good for about an inch of water once a week. 

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