Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Goodbye Spotty Dog Farm...

.....Say hello to Revolution Farm!

We have been gardening on a scale recently that could more aptly be described as farming, growing enough food for not just ourselves, friends and neighbors, but customers at farmers markets return week after week. We have expanded our flock of chickens, our native fruit orchard as well as water catchment. We have purchased and installed over a thousand feet of drip irrigation. The pullets have a new pasture being finished now that is over an acre fenced in of native grasses.

So from now on we will be blogging not at the High Desert Home Garden as Spotty Dog Farm but here at the new Revolution Farm page:


You will be able to find us during the winter months (starting next week) at the Santa Fe Farmers Market and spring thru Fall in ElDorado just outside santa fe at the ElDorado Farmers Market.

We plan to offer a small C.S.A. in the Spring for a few families or as many as ten individuals. Contact us here or at the Farmers Market for more info.

Pasture raised and Certified Organic Non-GMO grain fed laying hens will start producing in Feb or March for fantastic eggs.