Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shade Cloth and Micro Sprinklers

Got a good rain yesterday. Planted and set up about 2 dozen micro-sprinklers.
All four beds with shade cloth were uncovered during the rains. Hopefully this will help germination of lettuces, mustards, chard, tomatillos and flowers. 

Popcorn and beds uncovered.

New planting of heat tolerant lettuce in-between beets and broccoli.

As delicious as it looks. Probably not getting any of this to market as we can barely get it in the house. 

Scallions ready for harvest.

This bed with diagonal furrows is doing very well. Now it is irrigated with micro sprinklers and covered with shade cloth capable of dropping the temperature by fifteen degrees.

Potatoes with chard in the background.

Planting of mizuna mustard and red mustard on sprinklers.

Red Russian and Dino Kale, broccoli, radishes and arugula.

Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers getting some 12" drip tape.

Spotty Dog Farm

Hopi Blue Corn with Acorn Squash finally perking up after being way too dry and getting nibbled on by rabbits. 

Chili Peppers on irrigation. Cayenne, Habanero and JalapeƱo 

Peppers next to potatoes
Chard going to seed along with kale and radishes.

Zucchini and Nasturtiums.

Tomatoes and carrots and basil doing extremely well with our direct seed method.

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